Duck Dishes
43.Thai style garlic fried duck
Stir-fried roasted duck with garlic and pepper sauce
44.Stir-fried drunken duck
Roast duck stir-fried with fresh chilli onions and Thai herbs in a special sauce
45.Crispy duck in tamarind sauce
Roasted and crispy fried duck topped with special five star tamarind sauce
46.Roasted duck in red wine sauce
Strips of roasted duck, stir-fried with special sweet brandy sauce and cashew nuts
47.Thai style sweet & sour duck
Strips of roasted duck stir-fried with onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, pineapple and sweet & sour sauce
48.Duck with cashew nuts
Strips of roasted duck stir-fried with fine cashew nuts, spring onions and dried chilli
49.Duck with ginger
Stir-fried roasted duck with ginger, onions, chilli and mushrooms
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