Stir Fry
30.Thai style garlic fried pork, chicken or beef
Medium sized pieces of meat, thinly coated with garlic, pepper and coriander, then stir fried
31.Pork, chicken or beef with chilli & holy basil
Bite sized pieces of meat, stir - fried with chilli and fresh holy basil leaves
32.Thai style sweet & sour pork, chicken or beef
A rather unique style of sweet & sour, tender bite sized pieces of meat, cooked with onions, cucumber, tomatoes and pineapple in a delicious sweet & sour sauce
33.Pork, chicken or beef with mixed vegetables
Bite sized pieces of meat stir-fried with seasonal vegetables
34.Curried pork, chicken or beef with green bean
Strips of meat, stir-fried with long beans and red curry paste
35.Pork, chicken or beef with ginger
Bite sized pieces of meat, stir-fried with strips of fresh young ginger, spring onions, chilli and mushrooms
36. Stir-fried drunken pork, chicken or beef
Bite sized pieces of meat, stir-fried with garlic, chilli and Thai herbs
37.Chicken in a sweet brandy and red wine sauce
Stripes of chicken fried in flavouring, stir-fried with special brandy sauce and cashew nuts
38.Chicken with cashew nuts
Stripes of chicken, stir-fried with fine cashew nuts, spring onions and dried chilli
39.Pork, chicken or beef with green pepper
Tender bite-sized pieces of meat, stir-fried with onions and green pepper in Blackbean sauce
40.Beef in Thai oyster sauce
Bite sized pieces of beef, stir-fried with mushrooms, spring onions and garlic in oyster sauce
41.Crispy chicken in tamarind sauce
Whole chicken breast marinated with herbs, deep-fried and sliced into pieces, then top with a special five star tamarind sauce
42.Weeping tiger
Beef marinated in special Thai sauce grilled and then sliced into, strips and served with a dried chilli sauce
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