V1.Vegetable spring rolls
A mixture of Chinese mushroom, sliced bamboo shoot, carrot and vermicelli
V2.Vegetable toasties
Crispy deep fried sliced of bread, topped with tasty vegetables, and served with a sweet & sour cucumber relish
V3.Vegetables in batter
Vegetables deep fried in batter, served with a sweet & sour chilli dip
V4.Mushroom vegetable satay
Spices grilled and served with a piquant peanut sauce and cucumber relish
V5.Vegetables salad with lemon dressing
Mixed fresh vegetables served with a spicy lemon dressing
V6.Vegetables salad with peanut dressing
Mixed fresh vegetables and fried bean curd with a spicy peanut and coconut dressing
V7.Vegetable samosa
Deep-fried mixed vegetables wrapped in a triangle shape pastry served with a sweet chilli sauce
V8. Crispy bean curd
Crispy, deep fried sliced of bean curd served with a sweet chilli sauce
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